la coupe a parfum ill ill

The Coupe à Parfum is a container equipped with a cap from whom it is possible to smell the fragrance contained inside. The cap, a cup of glass lying on the top of the glass bowl, has been designed in order to be removed with one hand and, afterwards, it is possible to smell the perfume contained in the container. The perfume is not sprayed and there is no real interaction with it, but with the molecules fragrance in suspension within the container. In this case the heart and body notes have a strong intensity, making the perception of the perfume intense and round. This peculiarity makes the product suitable for all markets, but particularly for the Middle East market which loves of this type of perfumes. Its presence is important and elegant and gives to the experience a particular value and sophistication. The Coupe à Parfum is designed for a slice of the market small but prosperous. For these reasons this product is suitable for the brand that already meet this public and its use is recommended in flagship stores or luxury perfumeries. The Coupe à Parfum can be also used for the launch of limited edition perfumes.

la coupe a parfum

la coupe a parfum 01 la coupe a parfum 02


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