Perfumery Tools was featured on ODOU Magazine  Issue 3.

ODOU Magazine is a bi-annual, Jasmine award-winning publication founded by designer and editor, Liam Moore. Created by a fragrance fan for fragrance fans, each issue explores smell and perfume through beautiful writing and immersive design, featuring everything from interviews with famous noses and personal essays on fragrance, to photography series and even poetry. ODOU translates the fluidity and creativity of the olfactory world onto paper, celebrating all things scented “lightheartedly, longingly, scientifically, even lovingly”, through themes of science, art, design and personal reflection. In short, it’s a must for all those who are curious about everything olfactive – and an important read at that. (http://www.escentual.com/)

”ODOU issue three is very much a story and interview issue. We go foraging for perfume ingredients with Juniper Ridge – a wilderness fragrance house. Perfumer Vero Kern shares her creative processes and inspiration. Industrial Designer Andrea Strata shows how the experience and story of perfume can be improved and explored further. Take flight with writer Neil Chapmanas he journeys through the skies and into the past with Vol de Nuit by Guerlain.” (Liam Moore, ODOU editor)



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