Hi, I am Andrea Strata, I am an Eyewear, Jewellery and Product Designer with a Master Degree in Product Design for Innovation which led to my final project: ‘’Perfumery tools. Designing the olfactory experience. ‘’

A thesis defines the end of the university career, true, but I think this is not only the end of something, but the beginning of a research that took me over 8 months and still goes on with fascinating discoveries, scientific notions and experts’ feedbacks.

What I did ‘’is a research on the world of perfumery which output is a kit of products that fit in the buying process of a perfume. The research has examined the history of perfume, with a focus on the Rimmel case in the second half of the nineteenth century, the social aspects that push the man in using them, and the physiological and perspective aspects of the olfactory sense, with hints on memory and the evolution of the sense of smell, and the role that this has had throughout the experience of artists, marketing people, engineers, chemists and noses. It had been analyzed the complex world of relationships between the various actors and this market since the birth of the first companies up to the current situation. The area of investigation has focused on the world of artistic perfumery, also called ‘’niche’’. The analysis has also been supported by interviews and tests directed to customers, retailers and companies, which have allowed to better understand the dynamics and the critical points in commercializing and selling this kind of product. Each tool provides not only support to sales, but also a different experience which can strengthen the image of a brand or a store. The different nature of the products, not only aesthetically but also functional, allows to customize the products with the image of the brand in a consistent manner.’’

The research continues



4 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Birgit,
      I think it’s always nice to share our knowledge, especially after I found such amazing people during my research which were really open to help me out with my thesis. There’s a nice collaboration coming up!

    • Hello Zee,
      I am currently looking for collaborations in order to produce them. The prototypes had been done by myself, but it would be a bit expensive to proceed in this way. I would be glad to find small companies to help me developing them in a cheaper way.
      Thank you for the interest!

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